5 Tips to Choosing the Right Airbrush

An airbrush is a good accessory used for different functions in many businesses. There are many types of airbrush guns available in the market. It is good to optimize to get the best airbrush that will suit your needs. Business is all about providing the best services for your customers and having the right airbrush gun for your business is vital. There are different types of airbrushes from different manufacturers. Here are some factors that are important when you are choosing the right airbrush for your business:

The manufacturers

Look for airbrush from the best manufacturers in the market. These manufacturers have experience in making quality airbrush gun for your business. Some of best manufacturers out there include; Iwata, Badger, Paasche, Grexand Harder. Read some online reviews on each or look for an airbrush gun forum that gives good feedback from other fellow airbrush junkies

The type of coverage and details

Choose the airbrush gun depending on the area of coverage that you are working on versus the detail that you would like to achieve. For lots of coverage you will need a spray gun. Spray guns are economical and can cover large areas quckly. It also effective since the fluid spreads fast, but lacks the ability for fine details.

If your painting needs a lot of detailing, you will need something that is long and pointy. This is because it will require a tight spray to cover small areas.

air brush iwata

The level of your experience

If you need to deliver the best service it is important to choose an airbrush gun for your business that is proportional to you experience or that of your employees for that matter. Most experienced painters often know how to choose their airbrush guns. Most of the novices will have the problems of using some airbrush guns. Some of the problems most airbrush users face are; cleaning, paint consistency, lack of fine motor control. Only professional should handle the better-detailed airbrush guns. If you have a more experienced person like your boss, new techniques can be learned fairly quickly with enough practice and patience.

Physical manipulation of the airbrush controls

There are three types of manipulation controls namely single, dual and trigger action controls. Of course choosing this depends entirely on the kind of work that you are undertaking.

  • Dual action: Most people use dual action airbrushes. Most manufacturers have accessories that are able to produce the result of other gun types without compromising in dual action guns.
  • Single action makes sure there is even distribution of fluid at all times.
  • trigger action is a good familiar alternative for spray guns

How is the paint fed into the airbrush gun?

The most popular and simple is the gravity feed. It is usually economical and is attained use of gravity. Siphon feed uses fast moving air to generate low pressure at the nozzle tip. Side feed is actually a hybrid between the two. It is especially good if you want to use one airbrush for all your work.