Can You Dominate Local Search Results By Going Big In A Small Space?


Local search results are very important if you own a small business. Consumers are more likely than ever to use their phone to look up a specific service or product in their area. Achieving high rankings for local search results will help you reach out to local consumers and get more people to visit your business. Can you dominate local search results by going big in a small space?

Visibility Matters

Your visibility is one of the key factors of a successful local SEO campaign. A lot of people use their phone to look up local businesses that offer a specific product and service while they are on the go and will choose one of the first businesses they see. Improving your visibility in local search results will have a direct impact on foot traffic for your business.

How Can You Improve Your Visibility?

Use the Google My Business tools to claim your business listing and add more information. You can use these tools to upload your own pictures, manage reviews and share more details about what you offer. This is a good way to improve visibility for searches that ask for a specific product or service. You should also claim your listings with different directories, develop your presence on social media and encourage people to write a review after visiting your business.

Is Going Big In A Small Space The Right Strategy?

Focusing on increasing your visibility for local search results can be a good strategy if you have some direct competitors within a short distance of your business. This is also a good approach if you have a relatively new business or do not rank well in search results, local or otherwise. However, focusing on a small space means you won’t be able to reach out to potential clients who live in nearby areas.

Why You Should Consider Targeting A Larger Space

Increasing your visibility for local searches that target your neighborhood or your small town is going to bring more people to your business. However, going big in a small space takes time and you will notice that the competition can be fierce. You should think about reaching out to clients who are in nearby areas by giving them reasons to choose your business. You might for instance have something that no other business in a thirty miles radius offers and get people to come from miles around by focusing on what makes your business stand out.

Going big in a small space can be a good approach in some situations. However, targeting consumers located in a relatively small area means that competition will be harsher and you will eventually reach a plateau and have a hard time with finding new customers. Your local SEO strategy should be a mixture of targeting local users who are likely to stop by your place of business while they are on the go and also includes some efforts to reach out to clients located in nearby areas who would be willing to drive to your business because you offer something unique.

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