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Root Touch Ups Vs. Full Color

There will come a point in your life where you are going to go back to the hair salon in order to have your hair worked on. I learned this recently when I took one of my daughters in for what I thought was a hair cut. It clearly became a fact that once I was in the salon, I was no longer the boss, and had to sit patiently as the hairstylist ran the show. Having a beautiful wife who loves to take care of herself and having two teenage daughters who have recently found the urge to dye their hair, I now know more about hair color than I would like. When you go into a hair salon there will be two options in front of you. The first option is going to involve a root touch up while the other is going to involve getting a full-color treatment. Let’s compare a root touch up vs all-over color treatment from a perspective of a dont-know-anything-about-hair-dad.

Maintains Hair Health
Your hair is going to last longer if you are not coloring it every single time you visit a hair salon. There are many people who prefer to maintain the vitality of their hair and don’t wish to take risks when it comes to how much dye is being used. This is where you have to make a decision as tow hat you are looking for.

Root touch ups are going to be less taxing on the hair as a whole, but will not change its color entirely. While, a full-color treatment is going to have quite the impact on the hair. Now, it is important to remember, everyone will react differently and some people have tough hair that is going to be able to withstand such pressures being put on it.

Root touch ups are faster than having the whole head colored. There is a difference between the two and those who don’t realize this are going to have their hair dyed every single time and that is going to reduce its quality. This is a risk one should not be taking especially when it is not necessary.

Why is it faster?
When you are getting your whole hair dyed, you are going to be risking the potential of having a new color turn out. Remember, hair does not react the same way every single time. It is going to vary especially when you are putting a new color over another one.
These are the difference between root touch ups and full-color techniques.

Those who are not looking to treat their hair entirely and still want to look their best should be taking a glance at getting their roots touched up. This alone is going to bring vibrancy to your hair like never before. However, if you are truly unhappy with your hair and want to get rid of the color entirely, you should be looking to get the full-color treatment to make the change as needed. Another hair service that is very common are highlights which are simply amazing for anyone looking for a different look!