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Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Cleaning

Many people usually confuse hot water extraction and steam cleaning and assume it is one thing. The two are completely different things in the cleaning process. The temperature used for both processes is not the same, and the cleaning solutions used for both processes. Before cleaning your carpet or treating a nasty stain, you need to know more about the two processes and find Rancho San Diego’s best carpet cleaning services.

The primary difference between the two is the temperature used of the water being used. Steam cleaning a carpet uses steam. This means the water to be used must be high enough to transform into a gas. Applying steam to a carpet is not usually effective because there would be no rinsing of carpet fibers.

Hot water extraction will only require hot water to be used. The water should be hot enough to clean the carpet deeply and effectively. It should not be hot that it changes into another state of water. There will be visible steam when using the hot water extraction method because it is very hot water.

Many carpet manufacturers usually recommend that the carpets be cleaned using hot water extraction. Natural fibers are usually cleaned using the hot water extraction method but the temperature of the water is slightly lower to prevent shrinkage. This can also be used in the treatment of stains, unlike steam cleaning where it can cause the stains to set permanently.

In hot water extraction, the cleaning solution is usually applied. This is done to break up and loosen the soil. The hot water is then sprayed on the fibers and then extracted immediately, flushing the fibers clean. It is important for homeowners to be extra careful when buying products such as steamers and extractors. Buying poor quality equipment can cause your carpet to soak and leave large amounts of detergent residue while a lack of adequate ventilation can lead to mold growth.

Hot water extraction method works best when using a professional. This is a perfect option if your family is concerned about the use of chemical compounds. The process is usually not complicated, your carpet will be dry within a couple of hours. When choosing a professional to clean your carpet make sure you select a top rated carpet care company.

It is important not to confuse the two because, in the cleaning industry, water extraction cleaning has been referred to as steam cleaning. Both cleaning methods are great, but between the two, hot water extraction methods seems the superior one and the most preferred. It also cleans different materials used to make the carpet.